About Us

Hi! I'm Clare, owner of Resplendent Aurora.                 


Resplendent Aurora started purely by accident. In 2017, I worked full time in a retail head office, and had a side hustle with one of my colleagues. She made amazing cakes, and when one day my great aunt was getting rid of her cutting machine, it seemed like the perfect idea to buy it off her and make our own cake toppers!

Sadly, the side hustle didn't last, but instead the idea of Resplendent Aurora was born. I used my cutting machine to design and make cake toppers for an Etsy shop. Slowly, my few designs, turned into hundreds of designs, and i started to sell a lot of items, especially over lockdown!

The turning point really came when my full time job started to get super stressful at the end of 2021. I had upgraded my cutting machines to laser machines to make everything run quicker to cope with all the orders i was getting. And as part of this, I started to sell engraved keepsake boxes, and this shot my small time side hustle into something that i took the leap of faith on.

I quit my day job in March 2022, and went full time at my side hustle. I now have hundreds of designs in all sorts of products, from keepsake boxes to wedding cake boards, pen gift sets to tooth fairy boxes!

I spend my days creating items, personalised and designed especially for my customers and adding new items all the time. Now i continue to have an Etsy shop, but am also expanding to sell on my own website (thank you for being here!) and to sell at craft fairs in my local area.

I'm absolutely loving what i do and i hope you love it too!

Love Clare from Resplendent Aurora xx